Harnessing the power of the Sun

We all know that the Sun supplies us with so much energy, and our World would not exist without this powerful energy.
But do you realize that this World would also not exist without the powerful energy that each of us have inside of us?
And like the Sun, we cannot control this energy. We cannot turn the Sun off, or dim it to suit our wishes. The Suns power simply exists as a great and powerful source of energy.
If we are wise, we make good use of this energy. We plant seeds that grow food, and trees that give oxygen to the air. We use solar panels to heat and light our homes. We can even make a delicious tea by using the Suns warming and nourishing rays.
But at no time are we controlling the Sun or it’s immensely powerful energy.

So too, I believe, is the power and energy that lies within each one of us.
This is a force that effects lives every moment of every day. Both in great and noble ways, but also in destructive horrific ways.
Being aware of this force within yourself is an opportunity to direct this as a source of warmth, love and energy to others.
We can light up and warm our own homes with this, or we can easily set them on fire. The energy is the same, it is the direction and intention of this energy that makes all the difference.
And I think that when one does nothing with this energy, it is very much like laying out in the Sun. You may enjoy it for a little while, but soon you will become burned by the lack of action.
Wisdom and compassion are your tools for harnessing and directing this amazing force within you.
But first you must have mindfulness and awareness to see that this force of nature exists within you.
Be aware of it, use it wisely and lovingly, and may all blessings be upon you. And may you also be a blessing to all those around you.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.