Anger, hatred, deception and depression

Are you overcome with these emotions and actions sometimes? Do you feed them, like a hungry monster inside of you?
How are your friends and Family affected by this? Do you care, or are you so absorbed with your own emotions that you have no awareness of the harm you are doing?
Do you pretend to be loving and mindful on the surface, even if this is not what is genuinely in your Heart? You are only fooling yourself you know, and by doing this you are only keeping yourself buried in suffering. This Karma will continue to manifest itself over and over again in your life until you examine yourself deeply and honestly.
You can start by being honest with yourself. See this truth as part of who you really are. Then forgive yourself. Show yourself immeasurable loving-kindness and compassion. Know that you do not have to continue this way, with these feelings of loss, abandonment, neglect or abuse. You are a significant and valued human being. Be aware of all the people that love you regardless of your negative words or actions. This is a beginning for you, a fresh start.
The past is gone, and the person you were is gone. Please see this, and forgive yourself. Develop that gentle love and kindness that have always been deep within you. See this, and love yourself. Be more mindful of your words, your actions, and your intentions. Do this with diligence and sincerity.
As Bhante Sujatha says, “the more you love yourself, the more love you have to give others”.
Isn’t this what you really want? Isn’t it what we all want.
We are all human beings, and the power of love and compassion can heal you and heal others.
I witness this healing power with my own eyes every single day.

So please know that I am here for each of you. With love and kindness and compassion. There is no need for sadness or grief any longer.

I have so much love for you, as do all of the Bhante‘s and the Bhikkuni, your friends and your Family do too. This love is being sent to you every day by so many people.
Please know this and allow your Heart to feel this healing power.

May you be free of suffering, and may you be well happy and peaceful.
Let the robe be yours. I don’t need it.
If you’re afraid of pain, if you dislike pain, then don’t do any evil karma, in open, in secret.
But if you do or will do any evil karma, you’ll gain no freedom from pain, even if you fly up & hurry away.
If you’re afraid of pain, if you dislike pain, go to the Awakened One for refuge, go to the Dharma & Sangha. Take on the precepts: That will lead to your liberation.