Putting out the fires in my mind

Putting out the fires in your mind
Bhante Sujatha’s recording of “Putting Out the Fires in your mind” was such a powerful inspiration from the very first time I heard it. But now, years later, I think it has gained even greater value and lessons for me.

The more I practice, the more I am awakened to the cause of suffering. Causes that are all brought about by my own mind, and the fires that I start.
How very easily one can go from feeling peaceful and happy to being hurt or angry. A spark of only one thought can ignite a fire. And if we do not learn to be mindful of our unskilful thoughts as they arise, then suffering and dissatisfaction are given the unwholesome roots to become an inferno.

So what wisdom am I now beginning to gain from Bhante’s teaching of years ago?
I see now, that to put out these “fires in our mind” not only require meditation, acceptance and loving kindness, but also great presence and awareness. The best way to put out these fires is to catch them at the very moment we observe the spark.
If these disturbing emotions are allowed to gain kindling, which we do by attaching a story to them, then suddenly we find our mind ablaze with anger, hurt and despair.

So Bhante Sujatha’s teachings on putting out the fires in your mind are certainly powerful for the first time listener. Teaching us to be a silent observer, accepting without judgement, and showing ourselves and others unconditional love. This is a wonderful way to quell the fires and bring about peace and tranquility within the self.
But once we leave the meditation cushion, the potential for more sparks to ignite is always present.
And it’s the increased mindfulness that I now have that has eliminated so much of this volatility.

If you do not already own Bhante’s recording, I would highly recommend you give this gift to yourself for Christmas. It’s a gift that you will truly find is a wonderful gift for all those around you. A gift to the World actually.
And a gift that, as I have explained here, will continue to cultivate benefits of loving kindness and compassion for the rest of your life.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.

Bhante Sujatha’s recording is available for download on iTunes by following this link Putting Out the Fires in your Mind.