Mind surgery

Neuroplasticity (also known as cortical re-mapping) refers to the ability of the human brain to change as a result of one’s experience, that the brain is ‘plastic’ and ‘malleable’.
I believe this science is simply more proof that my Buddhist practice can re-form or say remold my mind. I can become more mindful, compassionate, and best of all, be free of suffering. Funny how Buddha was already aware of this over 2500 years ago!
So now I see that my practice is actually like doing mind surgery, which of course is an extremely major surgery.
And I see my meditation as an antibacterial scrub of the affected area prior to surgery.
Meditation is meant to purify the mind, get rid of any poisons that may be present like greed, hatred or ignorance.
Once we have sterilized the area, we can open our minds up and begin the surgery.
So what’s the surgery like, you ask?
Well that’s hard for me to answer right now, because I am still prepping the infected area.
But I can tell you that recent experiences suggest there are some thick layers to get through.
Fortunately, unlike some other illnesses, the long term effects of these poisons are completely reversible. So I will be proceeding with the surgery.
I am also aware that some of you are my Doctors, and some of you are patients like me. And I am so very thankful we have each other.
Separate, yet together, we can each become well. Well, happy and peaceful.

Theruwan Saranai