Veil of illusion

I have used the expression “veil of illusion” a few time in previous posts. I thought I should perhaps try and clarify the meaning of this.
Please keep in mind that when I write here, I do my best to find words that convey my meaning. I do not mean to come off sounding like the “Maharishi Mahesh Davey”. ;)

So veil of illusion simply means something that fogs our view. Think of you car windshield when it gets fogged up on the inside. The warm air makes the fog disappear and you can clearly see the road ahead of you. I think our breath in meditation has the same effect on our minds. Focus on the breath and watch the windshield of your mind become clear. The road was there all along, wasn’t it!
And I truly believe that what the Buddha taught was not some intricate puzzle that could only be decoded by the Mayan calendar. The path he laid out is very simple, and not like some Rubik’s Cube.
I try to remain mindful of this, and not make my practice a struggle of it’s own. Remember that the Buddha achieved enlightenment in just a moment. Yes, it took him many years and many struggles before that happened. But he also taught us that we do not need to do this. This is the benefit of his struggles, and the gift of his wisdom that he has shared with all of us.

There is no need to starve ourselves, and wander the forest going from Yogi to Yogi.
Everything we need to become awakened is present for each of us right now in this very moment.
We only need to walk out of this fog, lift the veil of illusion, and we will see clearly and deeply the path of truth.

So as I tell myself these things, I hope you too will gain some awareness of this.
Stop struggling, stop thinking and analyzing, let go of your notions and perceptions. These things only serve to keep us in the dark. Quit fogging up your own windshield!

I wish you peace and harmony.
May you be well, happy and peaceful.

Budu Saranai