My personal temple

During meditation last night, thoughts of this personal temple were flashing through my mind.
I can see that most of us have an elevated sense of self. In many things we have a sense of entitlement.
One only needs to think about their job or place in their Family, and you will see that you feel you are in charge of certain areas. I know that this gives each of us a certain sense of superiority and value.
But ask yourself, if you were to leave your job, would the company cease to exist? If you were to leave your Family, would they cease to exist?
Perhaps you do volunteer work for some organization, ask yourself if they would collapse without you.
So why do we build this temple around ourselves?
I believe it is the ego.
Very early on in my Dharma studies I read about letting go of the ego, which also means letting go of the self. For many years I have had a very hard time understanding this concept. It seemed far too lofty for my little brain to comprehend.
But now I think I am beginning to see. It is truly not some lofty or ethereal concept.
Our ego is what defines us and give us a perception of self. Let go of ego, and you let go of the self.
Once again, I think that mindfulness is the key to letting these go. Perhaps start with an awareness of judgments you make all day long. Every time you start a thought or sentence with the word “I”, be aware of this.
Starting with the word “I” is making you think of the self and raising you to the most important level. When you do this, you are not connected to all living beings at all, you are completely absorbed with the self. What benefit do you share with others when your thought starts with the self?
I know that this may sound very difficult to do, but that’s why it is called practice. We need to break it down to it’s simplest form, then practice.
Also, I want each of you to know that I have not let go of the self yet. (Just re-read this sentence!) ;)
But this is my practice; and meditation along with mindfulness and loving kindness will help me break down these walls.
You see I do not wish to live in this temple I have built, but to simply be one with all of you. I know this is available to each of us, and I believe this is the true bliss of enlightenment. The end of Samsara.

See you in Nirvana!

May you be well, happy and peaceful