The grand illusion

The grand illusion
A vase is also a drinking vessel, is also a weapon, is also a home to a fish or spider. A table is also a chair, or a bed to lie on. A flower is also food, or an allergen or poison, or a symbol of love to offer someone.
A mere flower is the reflection of light in our eye from the sun and air which nourish it, the earth which feeds and supports it, it is also the nutrition that gives life to other beings including ourselves. But we only see the flower, don’t we.

How is this any different when we look at each other. Not only the physical characteristics that we notice instantly, but what of the perceptions we have based on the words or actions of others? Judgements that we make bases solely on the facial expression and words they offer us. Is that all that they are, or who they are? Do we see the tissues, tendons, bones and organs? Do we see what is truly in their heart or mind, much of which they may struggle to communicate.
Yet how powerfully we may develop emotions and anger towards those who disagree with us or offend us in some way. A Republican arguing with a Democrat, or a Christian taking offense at an Atheist’s views. Even a Buddhist may have difficulty in accepting the words and actions of another Buddhist. Even to the same degree in forming hatred and strong aversion to another being.

But how do we learn to see below the superficiality of the physical senses? And are we supposed to be at peace and accepting of all others, regardless of their words and actions?
I offer you a resounding yes. Just as anger begets anger, love begets love and kindness. And only by accepting and understanding ourselves can we hope to offer this to others. For so long as we are critical of our own existence, and harbor resentment, fear, loathing, or desire, we will only offer the least of us to anyone else.

While I do posses my own thoughts and ideas, I am increasingly becoming aware that these are simply thoughts. They are transient and without substance. And I am also aware that my clarity of vision is still greatly impaired by my own lack of development in wisdom. And unless I have all the answers, then I am not the one to stand in judgement of your opinions, views, or beliefs. They are yours, not mine.
And I have learned to ask myself on a regular basis, “is this mine?”.

The World is wonderful place, filled with joys and sorrows, light and darkness. One does not exist were it not for the other.
Making this World a better place is up to us. We only need to see more deeply and honestly, with acceptance and compassion. Seeing that there is no me without you and vice versa.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.