Well, Happy and Peaceful

What do these three words actually mean?
I look at their deep meaning every night during meditation, but I think today is a good day to put these thoughts into words here.

Let’s start with the word “well”. Does that simply mean to be healthy? No, it means to be honest with yourself, and to see things as they really are. To be truly and deeply compassionate to all living beings. To be accepting of the nature of things and this existence. To harbor no ill-will towards another, nor make judgments on yourself or others. To have a loving and kind Heart.
And even with all these words, it does not paint the complete picture of all that the word “well” really means. I believe it is a very encompassing and expansive prayer.

Now let’s break down the word “happy”.
True happiness only comes from love, and no other way. Perhaps you think that a new golf club, a new car, or diamond ring will bring you happiness. But these are illusions, and impermanent. Think about the biggest item you ever got, and how excited you were to get it. Does it still fill you with happiness, or aren’t those feelings long gone? I assure you they are gone, they were temporary, it was an illusion.
To be truly happy means to be filled with love. Love of yourself, and love for all human beings. Love for your friends, your Family, your neighbors, and those who would dislike or hate you. Abundant love without reservation, attachment, or reward.

Looking at the final word, “peaceful”, is for me a summation or result of the first two actions; well and happy.
Peace can only come about if your are truly “well” and truly “happy”. If you struggle to find either of these, you can have no peace in your life. You will continue to struggle for balance, fight with your anger, and be overcome by a multitude of other disturbing emotions.

So please think about these three words today. Think about the deep meaning of each word. Perhaps you will meditate tonight, and let the deeper meaning of these words enter your Heart. My prayer for you is that you will do this; and that you may enjoy genuine peace, compassion and abundant love.

May you each be well, happy and peaceful.

Budu Saranai