My 11 year old Daughter teaches me Buddhism

My little girl teaches me Buddhism every day. She is an unspoiled example of loving kindness and compassion. She is always “in the moment”, and totally present. No matter how her feelings may be hurt, or a punishment she suffers, she responds with loving kindness. Pure love with no expectation or attachments. It is simply her heart overflowing with genuine love.

We have a joke in our house about a weekly school award that is given out. It is called “Student of the week”, but we call it the “Peaceful Pal award”. Well, that term is one that we now have come to associate with our Buddhist practice. Mom and I strive to be “peaceful pals” at all times. But we often fall short. On the other hand, my little girl is always a “peaceful pal”.

I wonder if she knows how much she teaches her Dad. How much joy her laughter and kindness bring to the World.

May I be well, happy, peaceful, and one day be a light to the World like my little girl is today.