Just let go

let go
I have been working diligently on letting go of attachments recently. I am afraid that the effort is in fact a desire. So trying to let go of attachments, and having a desire to do so, are a real conundrum!

A friend asked me recently to explain the idea of not having attachments. I did my best to explain, but found myself falling far short of a Buddhist Monk.

I think it comes back to mindfulness. I am aware that I have attachments, and they seem to hold great value to me. Yet now I can see that with each attachment I carry the suffering that goes along with it. A perfect example would be my computer. I need it for work etc, but if it breaks I will be suffering in a big way. If I let go of that attachment, there will still be a problem if the computer breaks. But I will not suffer. I will view it differently, as the nature of all things. All things are impermanent. With that in mind, I would take whatever action was needed at that time. No suffering now worrying about what if, and no suffering then when it happens. Sounds crazy? It’s not. The beauty is, that it applies to all things. But I know that I must be totally awake and mindful to see this clearly. And how easily I forget this truth in just a moment!

Don’t push, don’t pull, just be.

The key for me is my practice. Virtue, Meditation, and Wisdom.

May I be well, happy and peaceful. And may you be well, happy and peaceful too!