Have I told you lately that I love you?

OK, first of all, get the image of Rod Stewart out of your head! This is David talking here, and I am speaking directly to you.

And I do love you. Unconditionally and without any expectations, I love each and every one of you.
I send you this love every day in my meditation, but thought I would let you know today in this post also.

These are not just words either, but deeply heartfelt love and compassion with equanimity (Upekkhā).
This is the foundation of my practice, and it extends to all living beings and all living creatures.

I know that each of you have suffering, just as I do. I know some of you have Mothers, Fathers and dear friends that are dying. I know that some of you have illness that causes great physical pain, and some of you have emotional situations that weigh heavily on your hearts.
But regardless of your situation, please know how deeply you are loved and cared for. You are never alone or isolated, we are all connected at the deepest level.

I ask and expect nothing, but would encourage you to share the tremendous love each of you have available in your hearts. Perhaps there is someone you feel anger or resentment towards. Open your compassionate heart and show them love and kindness. Show them forgiveness, and forgive yourself for any hardness you may have attached to them.

Storms may come and go in each of our lives, but my love for you never wavers.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.