Our hearts beat as one

How often do any of us feel alone and isolated? Sometimes lasting only a fleeting moment, other times lasting days or weeks. I suppose there may be someone reading this who has even felt isolated for years.
I know these feelings well, as I have experience them so many times in my life.
But I am finally beginning to see that this is simply something that occurs because we lack awareness. Awareness of our true connectedness to one another.

You and I are never alone, never isolated, and never without love.
Just as I sit in meditation and send my unconditional love to you and all living beings, there are millions of others who are sending you and I there love and compassion. Wishing us health, safety, happiness, freedom from pain, hunger and fear.
All one needs to do is open their hearts and accept this powerful blessing that is being sent to you. So much love, an abundant radiant amount of love.
With each inhale and each exhale, blessings that are filled with acceptance and good intentions are being sent just for you. Each person is doing so without any expectation or attachment, simply equanimity and peace.

Is this in your practice also? Does your heart have love for others? Selfless and without expectation, do you have love like this that is directed towards others?
I am sure that you do. I feel this from you, and I feel your heart beat with mine.
Your unconditional love has gotten me through some of the darkest times in my life, and I hope you will allow this same love to embrace you whenever you may feel lost or alone. You are never alone.

We live, breathe, and experience this life together. Happy, sad or neutral, our hearts truly beat as one.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.