True love

A few days ago was, what would have been, my Moms 83rd Birthday. And even though her physical presence has been absent for 12 years now, I still feel her with me as though I saw her yesterday.
And when I think about what true love means, my Mother is always the first thing that comes to my mind.

My Mother was the most perfect example of acceptance, loving kindness, forgiveness and caring that I have ever known.
And she wasn’t just this way with me, but with everyone who knew here.
No matter what I did wrong, she would never utter a harsh word or condemnation of me. She would talk to me, direct me, and love me. Her love was ever present in her words and actions, and not once in my life did I ever question or have reason to doubt her true unconditional love for me.
Now I doubt very much that my Family could say these same things about me. But I do believe they know I love them unconditionally.
More importantly, I think they would all agree that they see my Mom in me. You see I think that love is so powerful, that it continues beyond this physical lifetime. My Mothers love resides deeper within me than science can account for. And I know this love now resides in my Wife and children. Even my Grandchildren now have this love flowing into them and residing deeply in their hearts. It has been passed from my Mom, to my children, to their children. This will pass onto their children as well.
You see, the essence and true nature of my Mom is powerfully present right now.
This is the meaning of true love.
People who believe in a separate entity of God will often use the expression that God is Love.
For me, I see it as Love is God. Love is eternal and everlasting. Love resides in each and every one of us. This is the place we need honor and cherish, devote ourselves to, and share with all others.
I hope you can feel this for yourself, and see this is a universal truth. I hope you will unconditionally nourish and share this love, for it’s a gift that has been given to you. The most precious gift. It is the only gift that escapes impermanence.
Please know that this love will go on and on even after your physical presence has left.
Please see that your sum is far greater than the simple total of your parts.

Thank you Mom. I love you so much, and I feel how deeply you love me. Your love will live forever.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.