I believe

I believe
I believe in living as gently as possible
To do no harm to any living being
To be kind to this planet
To treat others with all the kindness and compassion that I have in my heart
To see clearly that we all share a common bond
That I must always be kind to myself and understand that I am a work in progress
A person who’s continued dedication to living mindfully has a cumulative effect
One which benefits myself and all others as I maintain this practice
Practicing peace and acceptance does not mean an absence of activism
Being a voice for all those who have none
Speaking up in protest of anything which oppresses or harms another
I hold myself to a standard of nonviolence, and responsible for putting an end to racism, speciesism, sexism, and all dogmas which only serve to separate us
To live each day with great gratitude for the opportunity to experience this life
And to infuse as much loving kindness and generosity to all living beings to the very best of my ability.