Our higher purpose


Recently I saw some type of inspirational quote/post on a Facebook page that asked if we each new what our higher purpose was in this life. That question really stuck with me as I examined my own life and what I am doing with it. Is there some greater good that I am focused on? Will I leave my mark behind so that I am remembered for decades to come?

I think that most of us have our hands full just managing the highways and byways of daily life. Bills, kids, friends, job, health, the list is endless. We are all busy, we all have responsibilities, and we are all getting older and more tired by the minute. But at some point, I think that it’s critical that we each pause to ask ourselves the question of purpose.

The thing that I have come to realize personally is that I have numerous special purposes, and many of which will live on long after I’m gone. It’s highly doubtful that any of you will hear about these on the nightly news, and I don’t expect people to come out in mass for any memorial service. In fact, chances are there will be but a handful of people at my funeral. But I will offer each of you my personal invitation to come of you like!

Here’s the thing… we all touch other people every single day. And how we act, speak, relate with compassion, all has a ripple effect that goes on long after we walk away. The way we raise our children with kindness and understanding. Sharing every ounce of wisdom that we possess in the hope that we can help them in their own lives. With no expectation, but a heart filled with love, we offer our very best. And in our jobs or place of business we each have so many chances every day to spread joy and happiness to others. A simple smile can change lives in ways far beyond what most of us can imagine. A smile that you have given may have been just enough to save a life. And it’s OK that you and I don’t know about that. Our heart, filled with a loving intention to be kind and nice is a Noble purpose indeed. It’s peace that you can feel good about, contented, and inspired to offer more to yourself and others in the smallest yet never insignificant ways.

Take some time today to consider why you are here, and what purpose your life serves. You will likely be surprised at what a wonderful place you make this World.