May I be well, content, and peaceful

well happy peaceful

What, no more Well Happy Peaceful?

While the title of this site is Well Happy Peaceful, I have come to see that Well Content and Peaceful is perhaps more appropriate. You see, the word happy not only evoke different images for different people, but also can be a desire which in turn causes suffering and dissatisfaction. So changing the name of this site is impractical, but still I can change the intention and understanding with which I practice and write.

I think that we can all see that happiness is fleeting, while contentment can be cultivated and become a foundation for living. Perhaps by realizing that we have enough, gives us this seed of wisdom. Without desiring more or wishing to eliminate anything, we can become aware that we have enough. In that moment, gratitude can arise, peace becomes present, and the bliss of contentment is achieved.
None of this is to say that offering yourself or others the wish that they may be well happy peaceful is a bad thing. Because with these intentions we are still cultivating goodwill and loving friendliness which is always wholesome and beneficial. But if this can evolve into a more accepting practice that understands contentment, we can offer even more benefit. One that is passionless and unconditional.

Being happy is not a bad thing at all, and I do not wish for anyone to think they should avoid feeling happy or joyful. But the Buddha taught that sympathetic joy (mudita) is really the only one that is beneficial to the self and others. This is the joy we feel seeing someone else’s success and good fortune. And without any need to attach to it or create any expectations. Often this type of joy comes from giving to others, which is another key foundation to the Buddha’s teachings. More and more we can become aware that peace is not about us, or our temporary happiness, but something far richer and beneficial. And even if we were to die today, there is certainly a light in this practice that will live-on long after we have gone.

Perhaps today is simply one more opportunity for Right View. Seeing things as they are with acceptance and offering our loving kindness to ourself and others. Unconditional, wholesome, and free of expectations or clinging.

May you be well, content and peaceful.