Constantly happy

Who doesn’t want to be happy! Wouldn’t you like to be happy all the time?
It’s a great feeling to be joyful and smiling, happy for that very moment and everything it encompasses. But how often does that seem fleeting, or even at times seem unattainable?
So what’s the secret or key to being happy all the time?
I see it as letting go of expectations. The desire to have things a certain way, or have others say or do what you wish them to do. Even the wish for your life or circumstances to be different, will impair you from achieving happiness. And don’t we all have responsibilities that preoccupy our thoughts?
Of course we do, and I am not suggesting we shirk our responsibilities at all. Quite the opposite, I think we should embrace them with enthusiasm and gratitude. Dropping the stories that steal our joy.

How many of you are parents, and while you love your children dearly, they can be exhausting and relentless in their demands on us. But these children are a gift to us, a blessing that we are responsible for every day. And it’s only by an expectation of freedom from this that we begin to lose our happiness and joy in each moment. Thinking, “I just need a little break”. And in that instant, we change our minds from that of loving kindness and gratitude to one of dissatisfaction and desire. Desire for things to be different from what they are right now. But we do have a choice to see this moment in whichever way we choose. It’s your mind, your attitude, and your happiness, and it’s there if you take the moment to observe it.

What about financial hardships? Aren’t so many of us today facing financial difficulties? But the same rules apply to how we observe these situations. Instead of seeing that which you don’t have, cannot afford, or have to give up, you can instead see all that you do have present in your life. Even if it is only this moment to breathe, and enjoying a few minutes of reading that nourishes and supports your mind. Right there in that moment, this moment, you can smile. Just observe that happiness that was on tap and at your disposal instantly. Then become aware that this is always available to you.
Not some magical spell, not a wish or illusion, but genuine joy that is available in your mind if you only allow it to be exposed to the light. Allowing it become present.

Think about how your smile and happiness affects others in this World too. How does it make others feel when you smile at them? Just look at the faces of others when you say “Hello!” with a big heartfelt smile on your face. Do you see how their face and attitude changes immediatley? You have given the gift of happiness to someone, and in turn you feel that happiness yourself. Happiness breeds happiness, peace and acceptance, both for yourself and all of those around you. And it’s available all of the time. Life is short, share your happiness as often as you can. Be free of those expectations that only cause you suffering and dismay. Let go of the desire for things or people to be anything other than what they are.
Just start by loving yourself, and offer yourself that big warm smile without expectation. Then pass it on!

May you be well, happy and peaceful.