Letting go again

letting go
Attachment – suffering
Desire – suffering
Passion – suffering
Clinging – suffering

Yikes, how do we get out of this situation of creating so much unhappiness and dissatisfaction in our lives? The Pali word Samsara best describes this state of wandering, moving from one world as it falls apart into other world of unsatisfactory conditions. And this is not happening on some other plane of existence, but right here and now.

There was a time when I had no idea that all these defilement’s were the source of my unhappiness. But I have come to see clearly that these are a few of the powerful and destructive habits that I have learned in my life. And none of which are easily dropped. And as much as I may intellectually understand it, study it, observe it, and meditate on it, still I find myself succumbing to all of these.But let’s break these down one by one. Looking first at attachment. Attachment to things and people.
And while many of us may say that we can let go of things, ask yourself if you could let go of your car and have no transportation! Are you ready to walk everywhere, or depend on others to offer a ride?
Your vehicle is a powerful attachment because you have a desire to go places and do things. You see it as freedom and independence. Probably convinced that it is a necessity.
And while I understand that this life requires us to work and provide for ourselves and our families, can you see clearly that your car is an attachment, and more importantly a source of suffering? And if you still doubt this, ask yourself how you would feel if the transmission went out and was thousands of dollars to repair! Still not suffering?

I think you can see that desire play an important role in your struggles. You desire to live a nice life, with a nice home, furniture, car, appliances, so many things. You may also have strong desire for your mate. And is that person any different from any other attachment that you have? People change, they divorce, they die. What are you clinging to exactly, the perception of what you hope will be reality and permanence? There is nothing and no one that is permanent my friends.

And as quickly as I can type this, I change, the whole World changes. Clinging to these thoughts is as useless as a hat on a cow. And with that image in your mind, observe how you cling to it. And if you try to push that image out of your mind, it will only become more vivid. Are you smiling at the image of a cow wearing a hat? What kind of hat are you imagining on the cow?You see, this is how our minds tend to operate. Easily distracted with nonsense and illusion which holds no benefit whatsoever. But these habits are deeply engrained in our mind, and only through diligent practice and observation do any of us have a hope of liberation.
But please know that you are not alone, and this path is not the easy path. And often, like you, I feel weak and unsuccessful in gaining this wisdom that I speak of.
But I encourage you to stay on your path, and love yourself. Begin each day with tremendous love and acceptance of yourself, and boundless gratitude. Then go offer this to everyone you meet, and with no expectation or attachment. No desire for an outcome, no reward or thank you. And do this without passion, but loving friendliness and equanimity.
Like grains of sand through the hour-glass, we let go of what was and become what is.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.