Nothing to talk about

Nothing to talk about
The more I continue to practice and study the dhamma, the more I am coming to realize that there is nothing to talk about. Even one of the five precepts I have taken states “I undertake the precept to refrain from incorrect speech”. So what is “Right Speech”? Right speech is abstaining from lying, from divisive speech, from abusive speech, & from idle chatter: this is called right speech.

While right speech may sound simple enough to observe, in reality I see how little of my daily verbal communications would qualify. Sometimes thinking that I should just not talk anymore!
I think perhaps I have the same habits and difficulties as most people, in that we all chatter to avoid the realities of silence. Because being with ourselves can quickly become extremely uncomfortable. So less than mindful speech helps to uphold the delusions and fabrications that give us a false sense of security. Avijja (ignorance and delusion), are the tools of mara. Mara being the mental torment, conflict, and crisis that we all create, avert and perpetuate by continuing to busy our minds and lips with less than wholesome speech.
And I see silent observation as the only remedy to alleviating this behavior.

By being still, observing, breathing, accepting without attachment or judgment, and cultivating equanimity, I think we might find far less to chatter about. But as I’m sure you have all experienced, this can be far more difficult that it appears.
This is why I believe it is called the practice. Because the freedom from suffering requires patience, diligence, and wholesome intentions moment by moment. And perfections can only arise once we allow the practice to be effective. And this is only derived through our own direct experience, and never by our own words or those of others. It is in the silence that we develop and allow our insight and wisdom (pañña) to illuminate.
There is truly no preacher, pastor, priest or monk who can bring you peace. But peace does exist always within the self, once we allow it to be exposed.
May peace be with you.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.