Dropping the obstacles

Right this minute, ask yourself what obstacle or obstacles you have in your path. What people or situations are preventing you from a happy and peaceful life?
After you give this a few moments thought, I would like to stop you and give you the bad news.
The only obstacle is YOU!

We all find it very natural to blame others for our situation and suffering, but in reality it is only our own delusional thinking that keeps us from being satisfied. And of course the word “but” is always in play as we think through this truth. Thinking, “but” he or she won’t let me, “but” I don’t have the money, “but” I am only one person, “but” I can’t do it on my own!
These are all excuses and highly delusional that only keep us stuck in the quagmire of samsara. The endless cycle of grasping and cling to aversion and repulsion. Over and over we continue to excuse this irrational behavior, and even more ignorantly assume that by doing the same things over and over again that we will somehow magically obtain a different outcome.

So how does one come out of this fog, and remove the obstacles? And I would suggest starting with mindfulness and presence. Right now, in this moment, try to see that the only obstacle in your path is one that your mind is creating. Drop that story, and you are free!
And as another story arises in your mind, be mindful and drop that story too. Moment by moment we can be completely present and observe these thoughts rise and fall if we allow them. And it is important we learn to do this while we are off the cushion. Because this is truly the greater teaching of the dhamma, not just the little time we may spend in meditation.
And please keep in mind that this does not mean we have eliminated suffering or dissatisfaction in our lives. But it does mean we are training our minds to be present and awake. With no need to fix the past and no desire to control the future. Because this moment contains all that there really is.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.

Khaggavisana Sutta: A Rhinoceros