What if?

What if
What if someone whom you love deeply and dearly were to suddenly separate from you?
Perhaps it is a divorce or break up, it could be a losing a close friend or sibling in some way. But suddenly, and without any apparent reason, you are separated from them. Feeling distant and unconnected, it may defy explanation.
Once again, a Bhante Sujatha saying comes to mind… “What to do”.
To me, this always means that when something happens beyond our understanding and control, we need to simply accept it. There is, in fact, nothing to do.
Easier said than done, right?

Perhaps if we can change our view of this situation, and remove the self from it, we can then eliminate any suffering that this may be causing us.
The first thing that I think one should ask themselves, is, has my love for this person actually changed or diminished?
A reactionary response might be to say yes. But chances are, you feel this way because of a defense mechanism that has kicked in. But beware, this is self and ego that have now distracted you from mindfulness and acceptance. And is that what you really strive for, to be egotistical and selfish?
How far back are you willing to slide in your practice by allowing feelings of anger or indignation?

Now what if you could view this situation as a gift instead? A precious gift from a loving teacher.
This is a lesson in patience, acceptance, non-attachment, impermanence, equanimity and loving kindness. Wow, this person is offering you so much!
It is always easy for any of us to love someone who is loving us in return. But to love that difficult person, or someone who has left and abandoned us, this is truly a precious gift and a blessing.
In your meditation, try to spend some time on this. Loving them, thanking them, accepting them.
Watch as you become aware of the transformative power of loving kindness and compassion.

May you be at peace with the self, peaceful with others, and be of benefit to all those around you.
May you be well, happy and peaceful.