Does your mind ever stop?

Does your mind constantly operate on overdrive, racing from one thought to the next?
I know that mine certainly does.
In meditation, this is sometimes referred to as “monkey mind”, because our minds are leaping from branch to branch and never at rest.
But I think that, scientifically speaking, our minds actually never do stop. Even when we are asleep or in a coma, there is constant brain activity. And I believe that, even in meditation, our minds are constantly active and often extremely random.
One could wonder then, what purpose is meditation actually serving? Is there any way to control the monkey?
Well, I see it as a slowing down of this hyper-active state of consciousness. Allowing an opportunity for nothingness and clear space.
I see that in those brief moments there is truly peace and tranquility. No story or dilemma, no problem to solve or answers to ascertain. Just peace.
Right there, in that tiny space, I see the bedrock of my practice. A foundation for the sprouting of compassion, equanimity, loving kindness and acceptance.

Like a good farmer, we must have fertile, healthy soil if we are to produce a good crop. And although our minds may never stop, we can develop a peace that will cultivate loving kindness.

My suggestion to you is, do not try to stop your mind. Simply allow those moments of quiet nothingness, and plant the seeds of compassion and acceptance.
The rest will take care of it self.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.

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