Next life progression

life progressionMost of you are probably familiar with the term “past life regression”. This is where you are put into a hypnotic state, and find out information about who you were in a previous life.
This morning this got me thinking about being awake enough that we could perform a “next life progression”? Meaning that we could actually see how our next life looks as a result of our actions (kamma) during this lifetime.

Now many of you may think the idea of a past life or next life is just craziness. But the way I see it, just as we cannot prove that God does not exist, we cannot disprove that there is no existence of rebirth.
And really, the point of proving or disproving God or rebirth hold no value by themselves. But the acceptance that there is a wisdom and reality greater than what most of us can clearly see at this moment, this is the focus.

So looking at the concept of your next life, what do you see as the result of your kamma during this lifetime?
Are you hoping there is no next time, because you fear returning as a lower form with a harder life? Or are you excited that your next life will be joyful and blessed because of all the selfless compassionate acts you have performed during this existence?

I think that all major religions have some form of this scenario in place as a basis for moral conduct. Because if we lacked any repercussions from our actions, the World could possibly be an extremely violent and selfish place to live.
But what if there were no heaven or hell, no rebirth after death? What kind of person would you be, and how would you live your life?
For myself personally, I can tell you that I have no belief in an external heaven or hell, nor do I feel certain that there is rebirth after this body dies.
So how do I find a moral compass without any concern of eternal repercussion?
That answer lies within my own consciousness. It is something that reveals itself through meditation practice. A practice that is not only on a cushion or in a Temple. It’s in every moment of this life I have.

When we practice meditation, we are cultivating so many things. Love, kindness, compassion, equanimity, acceptance, impermanence, etc., are all developed through mindfulness and honest realization. With a strong determination, we all are able to see the Buddha within ourselves. I believe this to be the genuine nature inside each and every one of us.

So I say, believe or don’t believe whatever you like. But I think we all know that experience is the best teacher.
May our experiences be wholesome and fruitful, that all others may benefit from our actions.
And may you be well, happy and peaceful.