Praying for a better day

Here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day. May all my dreams and wishes come true, all my fears allayed.
Isn’t that a nice thought, and one that can comfort us on a bad day.
I am reminded of the song from the musical “Annie”.

Oh, the sun’ll come out tomorrow
So ya gotta hang on
‘Til tomorrow
Come what may
I love ya’ tomorrow!
Your always a day away

Wait a minute, I don’t wish to love or be loved tomorrow. Hell, I may not even be here tomorrow. A day away is truly an eternity that doesn’t even exist. It’s not reality, it’s an illusion.
Now, this moment and this breath is happening right now. This is reality and a chance for me to love, share, be joyful, and completely alive. And this mindfulness immediately brings a smile to my face. A smile I can share with you!

But what about those horrible days when everything seems to be going wrong? Isn’t it easier to give up and accept this, and hope or pray for a better day?
Disagree as you may, I don’t believe this is the Right Action. And I see that putting our thoughts into a day that hasn’t happened yet is not only highly ineffective, but steals everything that is available to you in the present. And I still think that’s why it is called the present, because it truly is a gift. Don’t reject this gift, but accept it mindfully, lovingly, compassionately and with equanimity.
But what does this really mean?
It means you are alive and have so much to be grateful for. And if you don’t see this at this moment, perhaps meditate for a bit and allow yourself to settle and become aware of the blessings. And as you become more aware of these blessings in this life, breathe out this love and compassion towards others. Share this moment, don’t keep it all to yourself. Allowing your friends, Family members, even strangers to benefit from these blessings.
You have an infinite wealth within yourself, and the more you share the more you will find returns to you. This is the true nature of this life, and exactly how kamma works. We are always generating kamma, but good, bad and neutral. But with our noble intention and right mindfulness, we can generate a ripple effect that will go on and on. Touching so many others whom you may never even see to be aware of.

Don’t wait for tomorrow to love, to live, to laugh. Today is your day. This moment is yours to savor and to share.
May you be well, happy and peaceful.