Buddhist 3 Step Program

I have recently learned that the path to enlightenment can be summed up in only three easy steps.
Anicca, Dukkha and Anatta: This is not mine, I am not this; this is not my self.

Sounds easy doesn’t it?

Step A, this is not mine: What really is yours? Your body is not yours right? If it was, you could control it. You would not have aches and pains or sickness. Your spouse and your children are not yours either. You don’t own them and you cannot control them. Your house and your car can be destroyed at any moment by a number of circumstances, you cannot control that, and it is not yours. You may drive the car, and you may live in the house, but it is not yours.

Step B, I am not this: Any label you put on yourself is merely an illusion. Husband, Wife, Doctor, Lawyer, Son or Daughter; you are not this. Even your name is an illusion. What is a David? Is it the skin, the bones, the eyes or lips? What exactly is this?

Step C, this is not myself: How am I sick or aging if there is no self? A label or illusion cannot age or deteriorate. And if I were to call myself something else, would this change reality? All of these parts that you see form perceptions and judgements. But perceptions and judgements are not reality. Can you see this is true?

Now if I haven’t already lost you, please know that even though I am speaking of this, I have not gained true understanding or acceptance of these truths. If I had, I believe I would be an Arahant.
But still I am a merely a grain of sand, gladly accepting the waves of the ocean that connect us all. And these are all merely words on a screen without deeper understanding.
If you are encouraged to explore more, the openness of this existence, then I bow to your compassion and wisdom.
And if you are turned away by my words, then I ask your forgiveness that I may learn to speak with more clarity and equanimity.
I seek to be of benefit to all living beings, and I thank you so much for being apart of this journey.

May you always be well, happy and peaceful.