Buddhism: Technology for happiness

Merriam-Webster defines technology as: the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area.
And it seems to me that The Buddha laid out clear step-by-step instructions for obtaining happiness. A technology, if you will, that is as effective today as it was over 2500 years ago.
Many people, myself included, often write about Buddha’s teachings (dhamma). But so often, I think that all the Pali words and text can seem like a maze of instructions and cloud the simplicity of what he taught.
Often, the word suffering comes into use, and can turn many people off because no one wants to suffer or hear about suffering. But if you are without suffering, are you not happy? Of course you are!
And that’s really the idea of the teachings, simply to let go of suffering and be happy.
If your digital camera has directions that say to plug the USB cable into the port on your computer, you understand right? Well, if you never had a computer before, this may sound like gibberish to you.
In studying the teachings, we become familiar with our own technology; the mind. Buddha has taught us to unplug the cable from suffering. By letting go of attachment, expectation, grasping and delusion, we free our minds and suffering is eliminated. And we each have the opportunity to do this without calling Tech support and sitting on hold for thirty minutes. Now that’s great technology!
This technology can even work instantly by simply smiling. Just try it right now, smile to yourself and observe your mind change. You see, instant happiness!
Now if you want to see more of this happiness, you may want to meditate. Meditation is like reading the manual for your computer, only it’s much easier. You simply observe your mind and your breath. You will soon find yourself smiling more and more. Others around you will likely smile more as well!
Now look what you have done, you have made loving kindness and happiness go viral!
This is some technology!

So bottom line is, do not get caught up in the words, but hear the message.
Be well, happy and peaceful.