Understanding Buddhism

I think there are a lot of people out there who have many misconceptions and ideas about what Buddhism may be.
I am aware that even some close friends and Family members have a somewhat skewed and dogmatic view of my practice.

If I may be so bold here, I would like to try and offer a simple understanding of Buddhism, and hopefully, also open the doorways to increased fellowship for all of us.

Do you have a life, struggles, dissatisfaction and joys? Do you wish to be happy, peaceful and balanced?
Then you are basically a Buddhist!
You see, Buddhism is not about rules, tenets or beliefs. It is about peace and harmony with each other. It is about acceptance, love and compassion. It encompasses and embraces all religious traditions with equanimity.
The Buddha was a teacher, not a God or deity. He always made this very clear in his teachings, and instructed his followers never to worship or idolize him.

Buddha’s message was truly a simple one. There is suffering and dissatisfaction in this life, but there is also a way to eliminate that. And every one of his teachings is based in a foundation of love for all beings. Never did Buddha stand in judgement of anyone, but only gave examples that demonstrate how we are all human beings. How we are all deeply connected to each other.

Now for those of you who may feel this is the wrong path, or is missing an important or critical element, I can only offer my genuine gratitude. Yes, gratitude. Because I know that it is with a loving heart that you share these messages with me. I see that you care about me and are connected to me. And I am so very thankful for this blessing.

May we all live in peace and harmony. And may you be well, happy and peaceful.