How dry I am

Many of us may have some dissatisfaction in our lives today. It could be looming bills, a relationship problem, or just a flat tire on your car.
Any of these situations, and a million others, are likely to put most of us in a state of sadness or upset.
But what if you were not able to simply be dry?

What if you just lost everything you ever worked for and treasured?

What if everyone around you was suffering from devastating loss?

What if all you had left to your name was what you could carry and keep dry in your arms?
For people, families and children in the States of Louisiana and Mississippi that have been devastated by the Mississippi River flooding, this is life right now.
Do you think any of them would be overjoyed to be concerned about your troubles right now instead of theirs?
I would venture to say that each one of them would be smiling to have your troubles instead of the reality that they currently face.
I only bring this up and talk about it today, because I am mindful that I am dry. I am warm and safe and comfortable. My Family is safe and well. My friends and neighbors are doing fine, and are safe.
Can you see that a flat tire or some past due bill may just be a reason to smile?
For me, compassion is about seeing the World and understanding I am not alone. What seems like a large difficulty for me, pales in comparison to what so many others endure this very moment.
I am grateful and blessed for so many things. Not the least of which is that I am dry.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.