Impermanence, what to do?

This morning I realized that impermanence can be a terrifying reality for many people. If we cannot count on anything, then fear and insecurity can easily overwhelm us.
So how does someone get by every day, dealing with this impending doom of impermanence?
Well I think for some, religion is a psychological band-aid.
The concept of some higher being, or a heaven, is an imagined form of stability. Thinking, no matter what is impermanent, the after life is permanent and good. I have one thing I can count on, no matter what.
Personally, I have no fantasies about a supreme being, afterlife or alternate reality. As far as I know, when you die you die. I do believe in Karma (kamma), but only so far as it applies to the reality of my actions here and now. I have no way to know if there was some Karma in a past life that brought me here, or that Karma will play out in a next life. That may be true, but I have no proof of that. That too, to me, would simply be fantasy.
So then, without any of these security blankets to make me feel safe, how do I get through each day accepting the truth of impermanence? The fact that I have no guarantees!
Honestly, I simply accept this moment as all that there is. And this is easy for me to prove and see.
My suffering is greatly reduced because I have no expectation or dream of what the next moment could or should be.
If I am dead tomorrow, so be it. It was so nice knowing you. :)
What happens after I die is of no concern to me right now because I have no knowledge of it or more importantly any control over it.
I am so thankful that I have this moment to share my thoughts with you. I am so thankful for my life, my Family and friends.

So to answer the question of “what to do?”, my answer is nothing. Do nothing, be present, accept and be mindful.
And as always, be well happy and peaceful!