What makes you happy?

make you happy

I would bet that you never ask yourself this question, do you.
But have you ever had a friend, child or Spouse who was very unhappy- and you asked them “what can I do to make you happy?”.
I think all of us have said that at some point in our lives.
We said these words because we cared and felt love and compassion for that person.
So why can’t we have compassion for ourselves, and ask that question? What makes “ME” happy?
Try to pause for a moment and really think about this question. Do you know the answer? Does the answer change from day to day, moment to moment?
I would guess that if you are really angry or upset, you may say that you just want to be left alone. At that moment, being alone seems to be what makes you happy.
But once you were alone, did you start to feel happy because you got what you wanted? I’m fairly certain that you did not. You probably “stewed in your own juices”, as they say.
So the bigger question I am asking, is happiness the same for all of us. Are the things that make me happy, the same things that make you happy?
I hope you will pause here, and ponder this question a moment also.
So is your happiness predicated on financial, emotional, mental, physical or is it something else?
Go ahead, think about this question for a minute also….
Because now I am going to burst the bubble.

Does anyone’s financial situation ever stay the same? Does your emotional state ever stay the same? Does your brain or body ever stay the same?
Of course not, they are all impermanent and in a constant state of flux. And this flux is really the key to happiness. It is the ever changing stream of consciousness that exists in our minds.
Attempting to attach to any of these concepts of happiness is immediately setting the wheels in motion for suffering.
We cling to that which we perceive as “good”, and create aversions in the mind to that which we consider “bad”.
If one is able to let go of the clinging and aversion, I believe that there is bliss. Bliss in acceptance, and seeing the true nature of all things and all beings.
If you are angry or upset, it is only my aversion to this that causes me suffering. What if I was able to simply be compassionate towards you without attaching to your anger or having an aversion to it?
It’s just my thoughts, but I think that this is the path to true happiness. Or to put it more accurately, the cessation of suffering (The Third Noble Truth).

In closing, I only hope that this gave you some food for thought. Perhaps food for happiness.
And as always, I wish you be well, happy and peaceful.