View the mind dispassionately

dispassionatelyAs I was waking up this morning, these words kept piercing my stream of consciousness.
I tried to just let this thought takes it’s course and see if some greater message was unfolding.
But no further thoughts or discovery were revealed to me.
So as I arose, I tried to remember this phrase, “view the mind dispassionately”. I thought to myself, I will search for this on the web, and probably find some Buddhist article or post that will explain this for me.
I booted up the computer and immediately did a Google search on the phrase. Guess what, nothing!
Not one inference to this in any search of the internet.
Now my mind was wondering if this was just some random nonsense from a hypnopompic state.
But in my typical persistent way, I was not about to just let this go.
So next I did a search on just the word “dispassionately”.
And herein lies the pearl I was seeking.

dis·pas·sion·ate (ds-psh-nt) adj.
Devoid of or unaffected by passion, emotion, or bias.

Wow, I felt as though the Buddha had spoken to me from the great beyond!
Such a clear way for me to understand the mind. This is the way to meditate and train the mind. And this is perhaps what will lead to complete awakening and acceptance one day.

My next thought was wondering if this somehow negated having compassion.
But a little further reading on my part cleared that up for me. Karuna and Metta.
Karuna is the intention to remove harm and suffering from others; while Metta (love, loving-kindness) is a feeling of warm affection, interest and concern towards others.

So can you view the mind dispassionately, and live compassionately at the same time? Yes, I believe so.
I really think that one can achieve this state with practice, awareness and gentle determination.

Namo Buddhaya, and thank you for this gem of inspiration.
May I use it wisely, and may it be of benefit to others.

May you each be well, happy and peaceful.