If nobody had money, you wouldn’t want any

Sounds funny, but it’s true.

This was the thought I had in my mind when I first awoke this morning. Thinking about how many things we want and desire. Yet if we had nothing, how much our needs would change. What are the desires of a homeless person? Do they wish for a new car, or new dining room set? I think if I had nothing, a roll of toilet paper might be a joyful gift!

But do I ever pay attention to the toilet paper? Am I thankful that I have it? No, I have no awareness of it’s value.

I think it’s time I start having that kind of awareness. This is a greater level of mindfulness than I have previously had. My head has been in the clouds!

I believe this is why meditation focuses on the breath. To be mindful from the most basic element of life and being. It all starts and ends with that breath.

How much I must be missing by scurrying through my days without mindfulness. Did I truly enjoy my coffee, the chair I sat in, the bed I slept in, the toothbrush I used on my teeth? No, I missed it all! What about when my little girl goes off to School in the morning? Do I just give her a quick kiss and hug and the standard ‘have a good day”? Sadly I do.

But not any longer. I see now, how my “monkey mind” is too scattered and preoccupied. Always thinking about what happened yesterday, or will happen today or tomorrow.

With this new awareness, I can change my mind. Like body-building, I need to exercise every day. No, every moment!

So, maybe next time you reach for the toilet paper, you too will be mindful and thankful. I know I will.