I’ve changed my mind

Don’t we all feel that we have the right and ability to change our minds?
Sometimes others may be disappointed or upset that we changed out mind, but we do have that right.
mindRecently, I have been trying a bit of a social experiment on myself. When I am having disturbing emotions, even really powerful ones, I change my mind. I smile to myself in the most genuine heartfelt loving way.
Now if you knew how upset I was when I did this, you might think I had lost my mind. How can someone get such a big genuine smile on their face when they are feel such terrible feelings?
It’s simple, I just changed my mind. I find that changing my mind does not require any specific amount of time. You can change your mind in an instant. I’m sure you have all experienced this at some point in your life.
So I tried this experiment with myself recently, and found it worked!
Thing is, I also find that I easily return to my disturbing emotions. I think this is simply due to old patterns of attachment and clinging. The old thinking that if I’m sad, let me be sad. I’m angry, let me be angry.
But that’s just crazy! Why on earth would I want to cling to those feelings. What benefit do I gain, what wisdom? Oh, I know, it benefits everyone around me right? Of course not.
There really is no rule that says we need to be stuck for any period of time with these negative feelings. It’s always a choice, and we really can change our mind.

I hope you’ll give this experiment a try soon.
My personal challenge now, is to let go of that ridiculous attraction of sinking back into that disturbing emotion. It’s ignorant and ridiculous. I know that, and I see it.

Good luck, and may you be well happy and peaceful!