The blame game

Wanna play? C’mon, it’s a lot of fun.
Here’s how you do it.
Anything bad that happens to you, just blame it on someone else.
Now, it’s not as simple as it sounds.
Sometimes you have to be very creative. Let’s say you run into the back of someones car at a stop light. You just blame him for being stupid, and not moving forward to get out of your way!
Or let’s say you look in the mirror and see how old you look. You can easily blame the stress that others have put on you for making you age like this! There are literally millions of ways you can play this game.
You’ll be amazed at how you can play this blame game all day long, every day. It never seems to get old.
Keep in mind, when you get angry, it’s someone else’s fault. When you get hurt or sad, it’s easy to see that someone else is to blame.

Now once in a great while, a person does decide to stop playing this game. But believe me, it is not without consequence! So please beware.
If you stop, you will have to take all the responsibility on yourself for every action thought and word.
Sounds horrible, I know.
But there is an upside.
You will let go of a tremendous amount of suffering. At times, you may even be overcome with sudden waves of peace.
But the price you pay for quitting this game goes even deeper than this. It will effect every single person around you!
Yes, they will pay the price by having to deal with your loving kindness and acceptance. They may even need to look at themselves and their own actions. (But thank goodness, they can still blame you for that)
Their is such a tremendous ripple effect, that you really need to think this through before you quit.

So take your time, don’t be rash, and always remember… if you don’t stop, you can blame it on me! :)