Permanently impermanent

That’s what I am facing today, everlasting impermanence. These feelings I am having right now are not going to last. These thoughts I am expressing are not going to remain. This body that I am residing in is not going to last.
Oh God, what am I going to do?
Wait, why am I asking a concept what to do? Yes, I believe God is merely a concept created by man to ease the suffering of impermanence. The reality of all things passing, and moving away, can be an extremely disturbing emotion. But regardless of how disturbing that is, that is the reality for all of us. If you doubt this, ask yourself what you were feeling or thinking an hour ago. It’s gone right? What about Family or friends that have died, have they not come and gone?
So let’s say you believe me, and understand this truth. Do you feel well, happy and peaceful about this? I know that I don’t!
It definitely puts an unsettling feeling inside me. I can see this clearly.
But a few things come to mind for me. One is, that when I’m dead, I won’t care right? You might care, and you might suffer, but I won’t. The second things is, if I cannot stop this from happening, it makes no sense to spend one minute worrying about it. And lastly, what am I missing while I waste time with these meaningless concerns.
Perhaps some of you find this far too much to digest. Clinging to the hope that there is some magical place waiting for you after you die, gives you a temporary sense of peace. The key here is that it is only temporary. Want to verify this for yourself? Ask yourself if you are always at peace and in harmony with the World. You see, your desire for something more only creates suffering for you. It’s only an attachment to a delusion, and a desire to have more.
And the Buddha taught us that there is only one way out of suffering. It is by letting go of desire and attachment.
By my own examination I know this to be true. But I am still a beginner at accepting these truths every minute of every day.
This is when I return to my practice. I take refuge in these truths, I take refuge in the teachings of the Buddha.
He showed all of us the way, but it is for each of us to walk that path ourselves.
I mindfully aspire to be a light of loving kindness to you all one day. But for now, please know that I struggle often with the same thoughts and emotions as each of you do.

May you blessed by the Buddha’s teachings. May you be blessed by the Triple Gem. May you be free from suffering.
May you all be well, happy and peacful.