Anger is a powerful force

AngerI think that anger can make one blind to any situation. It is a powerful emotion that seems to consume you without warning.
I think when you are extremely angry, it seems impossible to love.
But I don’t think this is reality. I believe this is an illusion of the mind that we create as a defense mechanism. Anger and hatred attempt to help us not feel the hurtful feelings or disappointment. But if we look at this with a clear mind, while we are not in a state of anger, I think that one can see these feelings of anger changed nothing. And the whole time, you were capable of love, loving thoughts, and loving kindness. It was really a choice you made.
Another thing that I can see, is that anger has never helped or cured any person or situation. It has only created more suffering. Suffering for yourself and for others. Whereas love has absolutely proven to have a profound positive effect on yourself and others.
I believe we are in control of our minds and our views. Right view, I think, is a very important part of the Eightfold Path that the Buddha taught.
Think about seeing a really ugly car on the road. The person who bought it probably thought it was the cutest car they ever saw. Can you see that car as cute too? Perhaps you can’t, but your mind has the ability to see that if you chose to!
Now what if you see a mean hateful person, can you see them with love and compassion? That may seem harder to do than seeing the car as cute. But your mind is a powerful thing, and you could see that person in a different way if you chose to.
The only restraints, are ones you impose upon yourself. This is only an untrained mind.
You can change this. The is the practice of Bhavana.
Although my practice has helped me a lot with this, I still have much work to be done.
I need to learn more about forgiveness, acceptance, and seeing more clearly in each moment.

So I wish each and every one of you a blessed Thanksgiving. May you be surrounded with love and peace.
May you be in harmony with all things, may you be well happy and peaceful.