Practice makes perfect

I asked Bhante Sujatha today about how he is able to see all people equally and with loving kindness. I told him that I try, but often make judgments or feel harsh feelings towards rude or mean people. He simply told me that when these feelings arise, to just look at it.

I think I understand what he means, but then I’m still a little foggy. See Bhante not only always teaches acceptance, forgiveness and compassion. He truly lives it every minute of every day. He shares his love freely, without expectation or attachment, and asks for nothing in return.

So why can’t I be like this? I want to be like Bhante. I understand the talk, but stumble when I try and walk the walk.

I can only come to one logical conclusion. Practice, practice, practice.

For me, that means being fully present in every moment with virtue and humility. It means meditating every day to settle my mind and gain clarity. It also means gaining wisdom from my virtue and meditation.

And as much as I struggle quite often to make progress, I am filled with joy and peace more than ever before in my life. Hey, perhaps there is a way for cessation of suffering!

And I try to keep an awareness of something else Bhante has taught me. That your meditation is like a boat to take you across the river. The time will come to let that go too.

But for now, my meditation is a key element of my practice. And although I do meditate every night, I think it would be of great benefit to start my day with meditation as well. I will let you all know when I begin this, and share how it has affected me.

If you do not meditate every day, I would lovingly encourage you to try it. That time has become something the Wife and I truly look forward to every evening. It is a powerful thing, and a time I think we all need for us to practice loving kindness to ourselves so we may have more love for others.
The guided meditation CD we listen to every night is called Putting Out the Fires in Your Mind by Bhante Sujatha and is available for purchase here.

Metta Bhavana