You’re my best friend

Best Friend
Yes, you really are my best friend. You are there for me always, through thick or thin. You have been with me when I am sick, sad and lonely. You have understood me when no one else could possibly understand. You forgive my mistakes with boundless compassion.
How very grateful I am to have you as my best friend.
So who am I referring to?

I am speaking of the self. The child, the parent, the Brother or Sister, all of which makeup the self that is living and breathing this life – this moment. This is my best friend. And with acknowledgment and gratitude, I try to remain aware of this wonderful unconditional love that is always present in the self.

It is only with the awareness and acceptance of this unbroken chain that we can share this love with others.
As we forgive and accept our parents, siblings or children, we also cultivate additional love and compassion for the self. We have the opportunity to see that our parents Mother and Father passed on love and suffering that our parents passed on to us. And we only continue this by passing it on to our children.
But with acceptance, forgiveness, compassion and wisdom, the suffering can be eliminated and only the unconditional love will remain.

Through this process of examination and understanding, we become closer to all of our Family. We become a best friend to each of them as well. The healing and acceptance are the roots of loving kindness and only help each of us to be free. Free to love with reckless abandon.

You are safe. Safe within the self, because therein lies not only your best friend, but the love and friendship of all of your Family both present and departed.
Filled with this abundance of love, we cannot help but to share this with everyone. And soon I think we can see we have more best friends all around us.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.