The key to happiness

I think most people would agree that they enjoy being happy. And I doubt that many of us would say we like to be sad, angry or depressed. But yet we probably all experience happy, sad, and angry moments many times throughout each day. Just ask yourself, have I ever been truly happy all day long for an entire day? And my guess would be, unless you’re an enlightened being, that the answer is no.
So what is the key to happiness? Is it the same for all of us, or is it different and unique based on the individual?

This post is not intended to be a lecture, nor a solution to this situation. I am asking and encouraging each of you to share your thoughts on happiness and what you find to be the keys to accomplishing this.
I can tell you, that in my fifty-five years on this earth, that I have heard many variations on the key to happiness. Some say it is true love, some say financial wealth, others may say it is only their health.
Perhaps you may think it is only one small thing that is the key to granting you happiness. A new car, new house, a significant other.
I would truly like to hear what you think about this.

I will close by sharing my view of the key to happiness. And it all lies in the Pali name that I received upon taking the Buddhist Precepts. The name given to me is Nissarana, meaning way out or exit; release, escape, abandon.
I interpret this as letting go of everything. Letting go of expectations, critical thinking, attachment, delusion, dogma’s, fears, worries etc.
And I do not see this as meaning I need to abandon my Family and go live in the woods. I believe I can pursue this in my daily practice through mediation, virtue and wisdom.

Now it’s your turn. Please tell me what you think about the key or keys to happiness. We are all connected and can all benefit from sharing with each other in a loving and compassionate way.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.