The happiest day

This morning I realized that the Buddha did not teach rules or guidelines. The Buddha gave instructions for liberation.
And the more I practice, the more I understand why he hesitated in trying to transmit this to other beings. Words are a poor conduit for something so grand and all-encompassing. Yet as I sat in meditation this morning, I could see it is also utterly encapsulated in a mere raindrop.

I think that most people can see that death is liberation. Death means you no longer have physical or mental suffering. No more responsibilities, obligations, or attachments. Desire is gone as well.
But what if you could achieve this without dying? This is the liberation that the Buddha was talking about.

My given Buddhist name is Nissarana, meaning way out or exit; release, escape, abandon. And to me, this is more than a given name, this is also my path.
Perhaps I will only achieve it in death, but while I remain living, I will remain determined to awaken to my connectedness and liberation.

The happiest day is today. All things are open and available to you and I. Like the raindrop falling from the sky, our form is temporary and comes from nothing then returns to nothing. Yet in its brief moments of existence it contains such beauty, nourishment and life. It never tries to control, change or become anything else. It simply is, without expectation. May you see today that you are exactly as you should be, without struggle or grasping. Today, simply be.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.