That’s the way I like it

Most of us probably believe we are happiest when we get things the way we want them.
But have you ever paid attention to how great it feels when you make someone else happy? How does it feel when it was difficult for you, yet you still brought them joy or comfort?
It felt really wonderful didn’t it!
Bringing joy, happiness, laughter, and comfort to others is such a mutually beneficial act. By easing someone else’s suffering, you instantly feel peace and happiness in your own heart.
If you are able to do this without expectation, the reward feels even more powerful.

So the way I see it, we all can either focus on having things our way and be constantly struggling to find happiness. Or, we can turn our attention on bringing happiness to others.
When we do this, we are letting go of the self. We are letting go of our ego. We are living, breathing, walking, talking caring individuals. Our own suffering melts away, and we instantly begin to feel a sense of our own true nature. Loving, kind, caring, and compassionate beings.

Now that’s the way I like it! :)

Be well, happy and peaceful.