Quality not quantity

quality of life
Mom always taught me that quality is better than quantity. Better to buy one good pair of shoes that last, rather than going through several pairs of cheap shoes which are bad for your feet.
I found this always to be true, and still follow her teachings to this day.
But I think Mom had a deeper meaning that she was trying to teach me, and one that is far beyond material possessions.
Mom was teaching me about the quality of life, of love, and of compassion.
Is it better that I give $5.00 to twenty charities, or to devote one day a week to helping an elderly person?
I cannot do all things for all people, but those that I am able to touch, deserve no less than 100% of my being.
To me, this means being fully present in each moment. 100% may mean just listening to a friend who is suffering. Or it may mean cooking a meal for a friend or loved one. Perhaps you will notice an elderly person bringing their groceries to their car, and you can lend them a helping hand.
Today, as I sat waiting in the Doctors office, an elderly man started to get up when he was called. My Wife, who was sitting next to him, immediately reached over and helped him get up from his seat. She was totally present and mindful in that moment. She did not need to think about it, or examine the situation, but her nature of love and compassion instinctively acted. This is the purity of mind that exists in all of us. We only need to remove the veil of illusion that separates us from it, let go of the self, and expose our compassionate nature.
I believe that the quality of our existence occupies a space of limitless love and kindness. By practicing mindfulness, mediation, and virtue, we gently expose the very best of what we are as human beings.
We are all Buddha’s.
Quality, not quantity my dear friends.

May you each be well, happy and peaceful.