You don’t know shit!

Ok, I’ll start by saying that I usually do not swear. But clarity demands that I say it like I mean it.
And what I am about to say may seem like venting or a bit of a rant, but it is founded in careful observation over a long period of time.

To begin with, we all need to become more cautious and verbal about people who act, write or speak like they are some sort of guru’s. There are far too many individuals, myself included, who talk as though we have some elevated sense of the practice or just life in general. Humility seems to be a thing of the past, and I have even seen this among many monks.

Ego, in the practice, means the delusional sense of a separate self. But ego in everyday life is more about thinking you are superior to others in some way. And I know more people than I can count who would profess they have no ego, yet demonstrate something entirely different. Does this sound like I have ego? Certainly it does!

So, whats the point, you may ask? The point is that this practice can be full of pitfalls and misconceptions. Wisdom can often be a delusion. And those that believe they are elevated above any other can actually be a poison to you and others. And this is where our own observations and mindfulness must become acutely aware of what we are doing, how we do it, and who we are listening to.

The best teacher, in my opinion, is experience. And each of our experiences will be different, and seen through different eyes and minds. Our hearts are different, with some being softer and more open than others, yet all having limitless potential.
And while a “teacher” may open doors, it’s up to us as individuals to choose the right door and the proper path. One that only we know feels right, wholesome and conducive to growth. And it quickly begins to reveal itself by how happy and peaceful we are. Any doubts, agitation, or discomfort, are warning signs that this is not the right path or direction and it’s time to make a change. Fearlessly, I encourage you to be aware and make the change. Even moving backward can ultimately be a step in the right direction. And none of us know until we try. Follow your breath while you still have breath to follow. Our time is limited my friends, and we truly don’t have time to waste on false Gods and self-proclaimed guru’s or teachers.

I openly admit that I don’t know shit. Can you?