Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

Treyvon Martin
I know this is a real hotbed issue that has much of the country in an uproar. And I wrestled with whether or not I should touch this or not.
But then a question came to mind, and that is, can we have love for both Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman?

In my practice, I have come to see clearly that any thought arising out of discrimination or judgement, is one which is not one of goodwill, acceptance or compassion. Loving kindness is only present in the absence of these things. But I am fully aware that tragedies that are formed from injustice can quickly inflame even the gentlest of hearts. Clearly this is something that we make personal, and instantly becomes ego. Our eyes and ears send signals to our mind, but all of which are truly perceptions. A sense that we know what should or should not be, and that “our” version of right and wrong is a viable justice system.
In no way do I mean to diminish the gravity of what happened, only to offer you an opportunity to soften your heart. A young man is dead, and another lives with that kamma. No words, no emotions can change this reality or bring Trayvon back to the World.

If laws are flawed, then we should each make our voices peacefully heard so that we may repair a justice system that is unjust. But we do not need to create racial or moral divides amongst each other. We are Brothers and Sisters, both to Trayvon and to George. Both are equally deserving of our love and compassion. We need to love them both as we love ourselves. May we live in peace with that, and have kindness toward one another today.
I offer my love and blessings to all those affected, and unconditionally to each of you as well.

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