Can a Buddhist have fun?

We all know that girls just wanna have fun, and boys love their toys. But how does this apply to a student of the Buddha and Dhamma?
All this talk about attachment, desire, clinging, suffering and death, would seem to point to a life that lacks any inkling of a fun factor. Perhaps most of us practitioners are so focused on these realities, and the Three Marks of Existence, that the idea of being silly, playful and joyous appears absent in our lives. But this is clearly a huge misconception, and one that I may unfortunately propagate often through my writings.
In fact, the greater clarity and understanding that we have because of this practice is truly a foundation to becoming more and more fully present. Living “la vida loca” in this present moment because we do in fact understand that it’s the only moment that we actually have.

Dance like there’s nobody watching, sing out loud, and laugh from your belly until it hurts! This is the life which is available for each of us here and now. Allowing our compassionate and loving nature, we can each offer those smiles to ourselves and those around us so many times each day. No need to save them for a later date, because today is the day. Share a meal, visit a friend, care for the elderly, donate to charity, go for a ride, a walk, or go see a movie. All of which can be done mindfully and joyfully!

Remember, that as a “Buddhist”, you are truly just a “Breathist”. A living, breathing being with a loving heart, thoughts and feelings. Opening ourselves to this wonderful reality gives each of us the space to see the bigger picture of this life. and that is that we are each exactly where and who we should be, and at the same time, completely connected to one another. Smile, and the World smiles with you my friends. Now go ahead, have some fun!