Snow snow, let it go


Let it snow, let it snow

I sit here watching the beautiful snow fall and observe it covering everything with a thick white blanket.
Everything which is dirty or grey, even dead, is covered up in a way to make the World seem purified and clean. But we all know that the reality is that the snow will melt and all will once again be revealed. The snow only covers what lies beneath, just as our stories can cover the truth about our lives. Sometimes using anger, laughter or tears, we create our own blanket of snow to cover the powerful thoughts and emotions that we are not able to skillfully observe and just accept.

I really enjoy seeing the snow fall and looking at the beauty of flocked trees and snow-covered roofs. And in those moments I am totally enjoying it without looking for anything else underneath it. Not thinking about how things will be when it melts, or how bad the roads might be, simply enjoying the beauty of nature. But I can see the connection to how our minds operate with the day-to-day difficulties that we all face. When something is too difficult to deal with, we tend to cover it up or sweep it under the rug. Avoidance of course never is never a solution to anything. While at the same time, many situations just cannot be controlled or fixed. We must accept that things are the way they are, like it or not. And the root of suffering always stems from our own desire to make things the way we see best. That ever powerful ego that deludes us into thinking that we somehow have the almighty knowledge and wisdom to best navigate so many situations. Thinking that if so-and-so would only listen to me, then their life would be better.
In fact, what we are failing to see or covering-up, is our inability to be virtuous and equanimous. Seeing that is not about me, and not mine to decide. And easily most of us can see how little control we usually have over our own lives, so in what way to we have the ability to decide anthers path?

Every day I am reminded of Bhante Sujatha‘s teaching of Accept, Be mindful, and Cultivate. For if I am not observing these three simple guidelines, then I have gone astray in my practice. I can offer no benefit to others as long as I am wrestling with the stories and desires formed by my own lack of wisdom. And only with a genuine foundation of goodwill towards myself and all others do I lay the foundation for acceptance. And this is something that must be developed both on and off the cushion moment by moment every single day. For now, I see the beauty of each and every snowflake. Each one unique and special and beautiful, and falling in perfect harmony toward earth. How blessed I am to be alive in this moment.