Think you’re important?


Do you think you are important in this World?
I think that most of us feel rather powerful and independent, able to do as we wish, and go where we want. There is a sense of control that we think we have in this life, and I think a bit of a superiority complex. We take so much from this earth and from others, yet often have little awareness or gratitude for the abundance that we are receiving.
Take for instance the earth beneath our feet. Most think of this only as dirt; and what could be lower than dirt right? But what are we without dirt? The dirt is the earth that springs forth all life. Ever single thing that lives and grows would not exist were it not for dirt. And what good would this dirt be were it not for the rain that quenches, and the Sun that nourishes it?
Every plant, animal and human being could not exist or survive without these fundamental elements. Yet I doubt that we give much thought to this on a regular basis. Arrogant beings that we are, we take for granted all that gives us life, and all that life gives us. There is no joy, laughter or sorrow that exists without these elements. No experiences, no Family, no nothing!

Now I don’t mean any of this to be an environmental, ecological or socioeconomic topic. Although if we open our eyes, we begin to see the interdependent relationship that exists on every level. And how could we possibly be more connected than by the earth and Sun, the air and the rain. What walls do we create in our minds that lead us to believe that we are separate or superior from one another? Time, distance, religion, and color of our skin, truly hold no bearing on the reality of life. And how very wonderful it is, as we begin to see and experience the deep connectedness that each of us share. And with a mindful awareness, or awareness with complete understanding (sati-sampajañña), we begin to experience each moment of our lives with such tremendous gratitude. And I truly believe that it is in this way that we drop our illusions and dogmas, our ego, and open our minds to the greatest truth. That if we live mindfully, we can die joyfully.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.