My animals, my teachers

Every morning when I sit to meditate, both of my dogs seem to feel the need to give me extra loving. They circle around me, nuzzling me, kissing me, and usually laying either at my feet or directly behind me. Sometimes I think my huge Golden Retriever actually lays behind me to remind me to keep my posture correct during my practice.
But this morning, I could really see how my animals are my teachers every day. Always filled with unconditional love and total acceptance of me. They are never angry with me, never have disturbing emotions, and truly have no expectations. Well, other than a treat now and then from the pantry. And let’s face it, who of us does not like our snacks!

Animals are such wonderful examples of how all of us should live. Never questioning the nature of their existence, and always filled with loving-kindness without expectation. And they certainly seem to be filled with genuine gratitude to have their life and home and the love that we offer them. And even our newest addition, an adopted cat from a shelter named Angel, who comes running to me whenever I go upstairs. And as soon as she is close to me, rolls over in submission for me to rub her belly. Showing me her love and trust, and the joy she feels just to see me.
What an amazing and wonderful gift these animals are to me and my Family. And with a clear understanding, it is easy to see they are the teachers in this household. An example of how I should practice in my life, the kind of love and acceptance that I should demonstrate to all others.

Now I’m sure that most of you would not want me to run up to you and roll-over to expose my belly. But I know that a warm, welcome smile and perhaps a heartfelt hug, may be just the thing for both of us.
And I think those of us who may think we are more evolved than the animals, may want to re-examine this thinking.
We have a lot to learn by seeing the World through the gentle eyes of these creatures, and our other friends in the animal realm.
Like the saying goes, “May I be the person that my dog thinks I am”.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.