The fun in being Buddhist

So often I read articles and Blogs by others, and I see that Buddhism can seem extremely negative, even depressing. And I’m sure that a lot of my articles could be looked at in the same manner.
So much talk about impermanence, non-attachment and death, hardly seem like fodder for smiley faces.
This is why I thought that I might offer some insight into the fun-side of the Buddhist practice.

First of all, the real core of the practice is all about being happy. By understanding and accepting the nature of this life, one begins to drop so many of the difficulties and disturbing emotions that had been previously present in their life. It’s like the saying “I want happiness”. If you drop the “I” (the self and ego), get rid of the “want” (desire), then all that remains is “happiness”!
And I find that to be such a clear illustration of this practice. Like peeling an onion, we gradually expose the try essence and flavor of our life. And yes, like the onion analogy, we may shed some tears along the way to discovery. But also, we come to see that we have not changed what the onion was, only exposed all of its richness that can now be savored and enjoyed.

I hope those of you who are new to the practice will see quickly that Buddhism is all about smiling. And not because we have chanted ourselves into some state of euphoria, but because the practice teaches us how to smile at life. With all its ups and downs, trials and tribulations, we learn to be grateful and joyful for this life; for every breath we take. And a Buddhist can often be down-right giddy about it!
There is no need for sadness, because we have learned that suffering is optional.
Just try putting on a big smile, or letting loose with a belly laugh. That’s it, you’re a Buddhist!

May you be well, happy and peaceful.