The path of sadness

Have you ever felt sad, really sad? Of course, you have. We have all experienced deep sadness and some of us have these feelings almost daily about one thing or another.
And while I have yet to find anyone who says they enjoy being sad, I think sadness can become something very beneficial to us.

First of all, if we take a different view of sadness, one can see that sadness is always impermanent. It never lasts forever, no matter how deeply it seems to impact us at that moment. Secondly, sadness is always brought about because of joy or happiness that now appears absent. In other words, none of us would feel sad if it weren’t for the joyful loving feelings we have experienced prior. And there is a gratitude to be seen in that realization.
But then, desire to regain what was lost, rekindles those flames of sadness until we feel as though we are in deep in a pit of despair.

So what do we do when feeling overwhelmed with sadness, attempt to avoid dealing with it? We all know that never works. But what if instead, we allow it the space that it needs. Breathing into it, observing all the physical sensations that accompany it, and accepting the reality and nature of these feelings. We don’t have to fight with them, push them away, or cling to them. Just allow them the space to be what they are in this moment. We don’t need to include the past stories or the future illusions, only observe this moment. And like our breath, remain aware that each moment is unique. The last breath is gone and the next has yet to arrive.

Sadness is a natural part of the human experience. It shows us we are alive, feeling, emotional creatures. If it were not for the ability to feel joy and happiness, we could never experience these feelings of hopelessness and despair. Just as there would be no day without night, no warm without cold, no black without white.
And I believe it is only with the awakened mind, these dualities seek to exist. No more right and wrong, this or that, happy or sad. Awakening to the reality that all is exactly as it should be. This is the destruction of suffering.
And while certainly not there yet, it is this path of mindfulness, loving kindness toward the self and all others, and acceptance of the nature of all things, that I remain diligent in my practice.
Smile to yourself, and know that I wish you peace.
And may we both be Well, Happy and Peaceful.